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Hey, it occurred to me there may still be people here that don’t follow me elsewhere! Hi! I have a book coming out in February! The paperback version has a Kickstarter dedicated to it.

It’s apparently a pretty good book. I mean, that's what I hear. Famous Author CE Murphy talked about it on twitter! ("I have stayed up too late finishing @chrysouladreams's utterly splendid MATCHBOX GIRLS, and would like to know when the next one is out. O.O I really enjoyed it.Lovely worldbuilding, unusual heroine, strong relationships, no actual romance!&good intrigue.") Check out the blurb and trailer on the Kickstarter, if nothing else!

There will also be a digital-only version available from my publisher and various retailers after Feb 21st; the one from my publisher will be DRM free; the one from Amazon/B&N will probably be more convenient to install on an ebook reader.

Following: the latest update from my writing blog on the publication process.

Hey guys! It’s MONDAY! That means you get an update on how the Matchbox Girls launch is going!

First, (Moderately) Famous Authors are reading it and seem to be liking it. There will be blurbs! This is really nifty, in a subdued I’m-cool way and totally dazzling in a stars-in-my-eyes way.

Second, my lovely Publisher and I have put our heads together and come up with another stretch goal for the Kickstarter. It involves handwritten postcards from characters! With three weeks to go for the Kickstarter I have high hopes we’ll reach it, and I’ll have an opportunity to get a really cramped hand. Although if we reach it TOO soon, I’ll probably have to come up with yet ANOTHER stretch goal reward and that… that could get challenging. Although this current stretch goal was also a challenge and now it’s my favorite idea. So, you know.

Third: Other people are saying nice things, too. This is probably not that interesting but it makes me very happy and I appreciate it. :-)

Fourth: I’m still slogging away on Gravity’s Angels and the prequel story (which I really ought to name but probably won’t until it’s done). I’m also slogging away on things like ‘bargaining for a bassinet’ and ‘wondering where the baby clothes are’ and ‘when will I sleep again’ so it’s definitely a slog. However, progress is being made.

Fifth: There have been rumors of bookmarks. Oh yes.


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