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Apparently the new RSS feed for my blog is attractmode_net. There is nothing obvious on this update page telling me how to make it do the neat autolink thing, my apologies. The old feed at attractmode doesn't pick anything up, anymore. I try to post semi-regular updates on my condition because my family reads it, and certainly anything really exciting goes there.

A lost story

Once upon a time, I read a certain book.

In this book, there were a race of dwarves (?) that could not be knocked down as long as their feet were on the earth.

There was also a prince, who grew from a child to a man overnight when he was taken into a fairy/dwarven burrow. This was so he could rescue the kingdom or something.

Does anybody know what this book was?


Many I Know, Few I See

I think my non-LJ livejournal is a livejournal RSS-feed, called 'attractmode'. I have no idea who, if anybody, reads it.

But all the same, there are a fair number of people I'd like to share my news with.

On Christmas morning, in Pasadena with his family, Kevin surprised me with an elaborately planned marriage proposal and a pink sapphire ring. I accepted. Details of the event itself are available in the late December portion of my blog at Attract Mode.

We're vaguely planning for a May 2005 wedding. It will be in Washington, either near Seattle or in the Olympic Peninsula. Neither of us are expecting a large family presence; we are hoping for a lot of friends, though. I don't expect to have an actual location until May '04 at the earliest; when I do, I'll come up with a guest list and send out save-the-date notices-- I think that's how this is supposed to go?

I've never gotten married before. I guess this is when all my obsession with doing something right the first time pays off.

Kevin is a beyatch, but I'm really happy that he wants to be around me for the rest of our lives. How somebody can be so charming and such a pain in the ass at the same time is a puzzle I get to spend a long time solving!


I'm horrified at how snarky my livejournal friends list is about Arnold as governor. I'm not sure I've seen that much bile and hatred spewed for Bush and God knows, everybody hates him. And I don't understand it. Maybe it's because I haven't been in California, but from the outside, it looks entirely like Arnold is being rejected simply because he's a big, strong actor who has played in action movies. Not on the basis of any of his platforms, not on the basis of being a Republican candidate, but because he's Arnold Schwartznegger. What the hell? I'd expect people to at least be willing to give him a chance.

I can understand people being against the recall in principle, and being dismayed that the recall went through and the precedent that will set. But why be so savage against Arnold? That seems amazingly narrowminded.

The only thing I can figure is that people are embarassed, that they're sensitive to all the jokes that can be built around Governor Arnold. Which I guess makes sense in a schoolroom, but I'd expect adults to be a bit less quick to judge.

Look, a game.

Hi there.

The IF Competition has started. For those interested in it, check out http://www.ifcomp.org. If anybody's interested in my game, but not the whole comp, say something and I might be able to make a Windows executable version available.

A blatant plug? Perhaps...

I'm trying to come up with a clever idea for a prize to donate to this competition. I'll also be entering the competition... but it seems like in years past there have been 30 or more prizes awarded, and I'd like to join that fun too.

So if anybody has any ideas on prizes more entertaining than 'Another game from the MS company store' or 'an amazon gift certificate', please post 'em!

The Two Towers

I just want to say, far and wide, that more and more, I think when Theoden says the lament of Eorl as he's being armed is the absolute best and most brilliant moment of both movies. See here for the text of the lament, along with context on its origin.

Watching it the second time, tears came many times where no tears had sprung the first time. Odd.